Bei der Verleihung des Staatspreises, des dritten in meinem Leben.
Receiving an Austrian national first prize award (the third time in my life), by vice chancellor Wofgang Schüssel.
Ich erzähle "Arnie" eine Filmidee und er sagt, dass er andere Pläne hat. Wir kennen uns schon lange aus Los Angeles.
I'm pitching an idea to Arnie, but he has other plans....
Nach der Verleihung des "Goldenen Kompasses" in Berlin, mit Botschafter Fritz Höss, Bettina Haintz und Bundeskanzler Wolfgang Schüssel.
Beeing awarded with the "Golden Compass" the first prize for the worldwide best travelogue also the third time in my life, in Berlin.
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Good old Arriflex, crystal motor, Cook Cinemascope and Fromm action cassette.
Shooting in California for Tetra Pak
Ein Assistent hat mich heimlich beim Regieführen geknipst. Hier bei einem Film für die Österr. Apothekerkammer.
An assistant took a snapshot while directing a corporate video for the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists.
My favorite assistant in the States.
Foto Hermine Haslinger
Leah shoots an educational video which was selected out of 1600 submissions for the Seoul festival, main program
Leah Ana Vreneli Vrecer
Ich liebe Steckerlfisch
I love "Steckerlfisch".
Instrument check flight CATIII
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Edi, my new partner in Hollywood.
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I discovered Danica, star of "Olympia" (to be found on the "Video" page). Soundtrack by Sergio Mendes and Peter Wolf.
When video cameras were much heavier, photo bigshot
Light meter, gold, limited edition.
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The camera Vittorio Storaro uses, Technovision 205, Cinemascope
Antonia Reininghaus in "Ö der Wiese liegen und mit der Seele baumeln"
Antonia Reininghaus in "Austria....laying in a meadow dangling with your soul"
Foto Andy Bruckner
My favorite camera operator and photographer, Joe.
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Stefan Olivier
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Elli Leier, Partnerin in Südtirol
My new friend Cora